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情人节送礼不用愁 2012情人节十佳礼物  

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情人节送礼不用愁 2012情人节十佳礼物 - 韦博国际英语 - 徐州韦博国际英语

        That time of the year comes once again when men and women, including lovers and couples, share their feelings of love and show every inch of devotion and affection in that day of Valentines. One way of showing such emotion is through giving gifts that does not just measure one’s purchasing power, but thoughtfulness, love, and sheer enjoyment. See this top 10 list for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for 2012 and find out some ideas that can make you lady or man happy.

    10. Cookbook for Unique Recipes 

    This kind of gift may be preferable for the ladies as they really love spending some time in the kitchen, experimenting something new for their man in encountering a gastronomical experience. However, you can make this gift more special if you could cook different unique recipes together. Just imagine that you can both explore your preferences in food, snacks, favorite treats, and even hated meals, while cooking dinner that you can both enjoy with each other.

    9. A Bun gee Jump Together

    It may take some time to get into the place where you can make the jump, but doing this together can make you feel closer through thick and thin, and even close in danger and disaster. Yes, it can make your heart jump with fear, but taking this one extreme event means a lot for Valentines.

    8. A Ticket for Two in a Valentine’s Concert

    Every year, there are certain famous bands, groups, and even singers that render concerts, which is intended to spice up the night for couples and lovers through a night of sweet sentimental music and serenade of songs that tickle one’s love bone. After the concert, you can couple it with a dinner that ends a perfect night of love.

    7. Expensive Perfume

    Aside from having it used for Valentine’s, this kind of gift can be used in any occasion at any given time of the year. This kind of gift is not just for the ladies but for the guys also as there are scents created for both genders.

    6. Luxury Cruise

    It can be costly, but this is a gift that combines many packages into one. Aside from the dinner taken on the middle of the ocean, it also gets romantic with dance and song, musicians playing while enjoying meals together, or sleeping in a suite inside an expensive cruise ship. There are even packages where you can enjoy sports, spas, and saunas while in the cruise.

    5. Bath and Spa Gift Sets

    Valentine’s Day is not just all about love, but it is also that time of the year where making your other half feel pampered, comfortable, and relaxed. With this said, bath and spa packages are perfect for spending some special time in a truly intimate setting. Imagine the candles, the soothing scent of aromatherapy that eases the senses, and even the warmth of each other’s presence. You can even include gifts such as scented candles, aromatherapy kits, and even soft towels.
    情人节不仅与爱情有关,更是一个让对方感到被宠爱,舒服和放松的日子。因此,沐浴与水疗礼品套装是在这样一个特殊的日子里,与另一半共浴爱河的绝佳礼品。想象一下,曼妙的烛光,舒缓减压的浪漫香薰,还有他/她在身边的温暖。套装中可以包括香薰蜡烛, 精油套装,甚至软毛巾也可包括在内。

    4. Box of Chocolates or Chocolate Gift Baskets

    "Sweets for the sweet, sugar for your honey" is a line that expresses the love you feel for your other half. Even though your box of chocolates may consist of expensive brands and names, or just a chockfull of the chocolates your lover likes, price is not the name of the game in this gift. What matters is your thought and effort in coming up with such a gift.

    3. Personalized Jewelries

    Whether you may think of pendants and necklaces for girls or rings and embellished necktie pins for the boys, what makes a jewelry gift customized for Valentine’s Day is the inclusion and engraving of names of the couple, and not just the name of the person to be given the gift to. Make sure that you give this in a place and time that is considered to be the most romantic, and this gift will work like a charm.

    2. Big Plush Teddy Bear

    This gift is considered a classic because stuff toys are weaknesses of girls, especially those that are huge and great companies in bed. Teddy Bears are specifically favorites because they are cuddly and cute. However, if you think this is just for the girls, wait until you gift your lover a huge teddy bear that Mr. Bean likes. It may be simple, but it makes a clear statement that boys love toys too.

    1. Long Stemmed Bouquet of 12 Red Roses 

    When you think that just one stem of white rose means “One True Love”, you can convey your message more if you have purchase a bouquet of 12 red roses. They maybe more expensive in this time of the year, but the number 12 means the full cycle of a clock, the 12 zodiac sings, or the 12 months in a year. Giving such a gift expresses that you think of your lover and your affection is consistent all year long, Red roses are always the best Valentine’s Day gift.


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